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by posted 04/26/2021


The feilds we have been using have been reclaimed by soccer.  We'll be practicing and playing at the Niceville Softball Complex this week.  It is behind the library, between Campbell Dr and McKinley St.


Practice:  Wed 4/28 at 5:30 at the Niceville Softball Complex.  We'll identify which field the game will be played Thursday night.


Arrival:  Recconnect with teamates by taking the field and throwing the ball around the bases.  5:30-5:45

Fielding:  coach throws/rolls balls to players who field and throw back.   5:45 - 5:55

Tag:  Start with freeze tag and add rules to progress to "baseball tag".   5:55 - 6:10

batting:  while playing baseball tag, the "runner" must hit the ball before running the bases.  6:10 - A/R (6:45ish)


Game:  Thurs 4/29 at 5:00 at the Niceville Softball Complex


Starting Field Positions:

1B - Jax      <-->  RF - Ryker

2B - Brooks  <-->  RC - Asa

SS - Tanner  <-->  LC - August

3B - Daniel  <-->  LF - Landon

P   - Kinsley  <-->  P - Breyden

C - Henry     <-->  C - Aspen


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Benjamin Hannigan 
Asst Coach 
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